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          About us

          Pranikal - One stop destination for your Pets, set up in Chennai, South India in the year 2020 as committed to supplying our customers with the latest pet supplies and accessories for their pets.  

          Pranikal supplies a wide variety of priced pet foods and accessories, including training, pet grooming, housing, and unique pet facilities too. Not only we are we offering online pet goods and accessories, but we are also focused on inspiring our clients with all the knowledge relating to pet products, guidelines for pet safety, infections and effects, treatment, and drugs. Pranikal admire the quality of life we can give to your pets. The secret why we are called a trustworthy online pet store is that we love pet-owners and their lovely pets even more.  

          Adequate impressive? We are confident you will not be dissatisfied. Go ahead and discover our online pet store. Because of our love for your "Good Boy/Good Girl" we have made this possible! 

          Our Mission: 

          Our Strongest mission, by using Pranikal goods and services, we have been pioneering new standards in pet care, offering complete health options, and building communities that strengthen the pets and Clients relationship. 

          Our Vision: 

          Pranikal’s vision is aspire to provide our client with a comfortable lifestyle, and it helps your pets become their best, so that both you can do even better love together. 

          Our Team: 

          Passionate for pets, we are much like the community's other pet owners. We know the interests of pets and you care for them. Our Pranikal's team rich in understanding the needs pets which aim to have the absolute best for your pets and we keep listening for continuous improvements. 

          Our Specifications: 

          Huge Products: Our vendors deliver more than enough pet products on a regular basis. 

          Simple Order: Using Debit, Credit and COD to order Products from different categories.

          Genuine Products: We only highlight genuine goods from authorized suppliers to our customers. 

          Why We: 

          All under one Roof 

          Exclusive Online Shop for Pets 

          Advice from Experts 

          Pets A2Z 

          Customer Care 

          Contact Us: 

          As much as we love selling them to you, we hope you enjoy our goods. Please do not hesitate to email us if you have any concerns or suggestions support@pranikal.com